• Biology for engineers (3 – 0 – 2, UG, PG)

• Introduction to advanced biology (3 – 0 – 2, PG)
The aim of the above two courses is to provide a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals of life ranging from molecules to higher organisms at beginners and advanced levels . Also, the application part of modern biology will be thoroughly discussed along with "how to do?" concepts. The laboratory part of these courses includes various important techniques in the areas of human cell culture, molecular biology, protein chemistry, microbiology and gene expression analysis. At the end of the each course, students will be equipped with theoretical and analytical knowledge of biology with a general understanding of potential applications in Biomedical Engineering.

• Cancer biology: Advances in diagnostics and therapeutics (3 – 0 – 0, PG)
This course deals with the cellular and molecular basis of cancer in detail. Also, the most ground breaking advances in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, and the unmet needs will be comprehensively discussed. This elective course is mainly targeted to M.tech and PhD students, however, interested UG students are also welcome.

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